This site is crazy!

Print out this site hard copy and what do you get? A stack of 555 pages. More than a ream of paper.

When I tell people this, I get to watch them short-circuit...

OMG! What were you thinking?!

Marketing consultants have told me what to do with my site...

"Take it down, break it down, and send it out in small chunks to your list week by week. That's the way it's done these days."

I get it. I realize what I'm doing here is unconventional, but...

This is not a marketing site.


I like to think of it as a gift.

What do I mean by that? Why did I put up a crazy site instead of a sensible site?

We're in tough economic times. I want leaders who can't afford coaching to have access to my core strategies for free.

I want my clients to be able to read up on the basics for free, so we can then use their precious coaching time to develop their own personal game plan.

I like being able to help more people via the internet than I could ever help with one-on-one coaching. I like getting thank-you e-mails from people who have made significant changes in their leadership and their personal lives because of what they've read here. Which makes the hundreds of hours I've put into writing this site worth it.

And the discipline of writing has been very good for me. It's deepened my thinking. I've discovered new ways of saying things. I've discovered new ways of helping people which I take right back into my coaching. So this site has been a gift for me, too. No sacrifice involved.

Still, I admit that this thing is a monster. And I admit that my pages are too long—except that really they're too short.

Leadership is complex and challenging. And that's even more true of social-change and social-justice leadership. I want us to honor what we we're up to...

We're changing in fundamental ways how power works so it stops hurting people and killing the planet.

This is radical. There's nothing simple about it. It's not a ten-easy-step kind of thing. We're talking about making profound changes and making them in the face of determined opposition. Opposition that has millions compared to our pennies.

Sound bites are not enough for social-change leaders. Bullet points are not enough. How-tos are not enough. Not for the kind of deep mastery leaders need. The kind of mastery this site is about.

I wish fundamental change could be easy. We need it to be easy. We're in such serious trouble as a society, I wish there were a quick and simple answer to our problems. But that's not how it is.

And if we preach the message to leaders that you should be able to get momentous results with easy steps, we're lying to them, and...

We're setting them up to blame themselves when they don't get those results.

There's too much pain in the nonprofit sector. Too many leaders are hurting. I want that to stop. If you're a social-change or social-justice leader, I want you to thrive. If you're going to do this deeply challenging work, then...

I want you to get the pleasure of it.

First, for your own sake.

But there's another reason, too. If we want to change society, we need to get a whole lot more people involved. A whole lot more. Yet if those people look at us and what they see is sacrifice and burnout, why would they want to join our movement?

But what if you were to lead differently? What if people in your community looked at you and what they saw was this...

You're deeply happy in your work.

You're nurtured by it.

You love the people you work with.

You're having the adventure of a lifetime.

Then why wouldn't they want to come join you?

Okay, that's it, that's my rant about this site. In closing, though, there's one favor I'd like to ask of you...

Please don't turn anything I say on these pages into a should.

As you read, please always ask yourself...

Is this right for me?

Is this right for me right now?

I urge you to be a critical consumer of information, including mine. Especially mine, because some of what I say is a bit idiosyncratic. Sometimes a lot idiosyncratic.

Please take these pages only as a starting point. Use them to provoke your own thinking. Take what you need and forget the rest. There's no received wisdom here.

It's not that I don't believe in the things I've written. I do. I'll stand by them anytime, anywhere. But even at my most convinced, still I'm only one person with only my own life experience.

And you are still your own person and the leader of your own nonprofit...

So I urge you to make sure your decisions always come from the inside not the outside.


Best wishes,



PS:  If you try out my strategies and they work for you, I'd love to hear from you.

If you're in the mood, shoot me an e-mail or give me a quick call. Feel free to tell me the whole story. I love stories. How did you take care of yourself? How did you claim your power? How did you take what you got here and create something new?

Hearing about your successes, having that kind of sweet connection with kindred spirits, means a lot to me. Thanks!


© 2013 Rich Snowdon